Adelaide Mustang is a company that is well established in Adelaide SA with many years experience and prides itself in providing the best possible professional service available.

Our Ford Mustang hire cars are meticulously restored in the tradition of the American muscle cars of the 1960’s They look good from their shiny exteriors and perfectly restored interiors to the beautiful rumbling sound of the powerful V8 engine. Whether a wedding, formal, special occasion or winery tour, You will be noticed in a Mustang from ADELAIDE MUSTANG.

Our uniformed chauffeur/Guides are all experienced in chauffeuring for any occasion and are fully trained to offer genuine professional service.

Adelaide Mustang prides itself with offering professional service from first contact to when your journey ends and always with attention to detail.

At Adelaide Mustang, we offer quality restored Mustang convertibles and personalized value for money service. We have the experience in offering friendly VIP service for; Weddings, School formals, Winery tours, Special occasion transfers


For weddings, Adelaide Mustang is second to none. We offer uniformed chauffeurs with many years experience at looking after your needs for the day and ensuring your wedding transport goes smoothly. The Mustangs are immaculate, with ribbons and really look the part.

You will be noticed when you arrive in a Mustang, the American Muscle car from Adelaide Mustang

school formals

Cruising around in a GTA equipped fully restored Mustang convertible and arriving in style with the rumbling sound of the V8 engine and the music cranked up….YOU WILL BE NOTICED


Winery tours are our specialty and a lot of fun. Sitting back visiting wineries in an open top Mustang from a bygone era with the V8 engine purring along and the world around you, it doesn’t get much better than that. We tour small boutique and larger wineries for wine tasting and visit places of interest along the way. Our chauffeur/guides have many years experience in touring the winery area’s of South Australia.

Adelaide Mustangs standard personalized winery tours operate 10am to 4pm but can be adjusted to suite individual requirements


Special occasion transfer or cruises are great fun and can be the highlight of the occasion. Sit back enjoying the wind and the sound of the V8 engine as it purrs along taking you back to a bygone era of the classic American Muscle car. You will be noticed and it’s a trip you wont forget in a long time. Be the envy of your friends, arrive at dinner, or a show, maybe a birthday cruise, you will enjoy your cruise with Adelaide Mustang.